2024's Top 10 Trends in Kitchen Appliances

2024's Top 10 Trends in Kitchen Appliances

  • Source: Houzz.com
  • 03/19/24

Explore cutting-edge designs and functionalities that will elevate your culinary experiences and enhance the style of your kitchen.


1. Fast, Versatile Cooking Devices

Manufacturers are focusing on enhancing cooking speed and convenience. Signature Kitchen Suite's (SKS) new 30-inch speed oven, with 11 cooking modes, is a standout. It utilizes halogen lighting, convection heating, and infrared technology to eliminate preheating and cook food up to four times faster than traditional ovens.

Sharp has also introduced a buzz-worthy, multi-mode high-speed oven. Although not yet available, it promises quicker cooking times compared to conventional ovens and the first gold carbon heater for adding charcoal grill flavor.


2. Smart Features and Connectivity Options

 There are 44% of homeowners who are remodeling their kitchens purchase appliances with cutting-edge technology, such as touch displays, Wi-Fi, and smart home integration, as shown in the Monogram induction range - according to a Houzz study. Another excellent example is the new convection wall oven with microwave drawer from Sharp. It has a wave-activated microwave drawer, voice control for Amazon Alexa, and a shared LCD touch screen. Wi-Fi-enabled appliances are preferred by about one-third of households, and this trend results in more intelligent and practical gadgets at technology shows.


3.  Energy-Efficient Appliances

The recently introduced JennAir 30-inch, panel-ready SlimTech Insulation column refrigerator was a notable highlight. It features an advanced insulating material that allows for slimmer fridge doors and could potentially simplify the process of refrigerator recycling. Another exhibit is the LG refrigerator with the color-transitioning glass panel, previously mentioned. The vibrant glass panel offers a fun element and allows users to view the compartment's contents without opening the door, thereby reducing cold air escape. Induction cooktops prove to be more energy-efficient compared to gas and conventional electric cooktops, making them an eco-friendly choice. This technology is one of many innovations contributing to the production of increasingly eco-friendly appliances across homes.


4. Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops, utilizing electromagnetism to heat pots, are popular in Canada and Europe and are now gaining popularity in the US due to improving technology, cost, and concerns over gas' health and environmental effects. At KBIS, larger cooktops and ranges with new features were introduced at lower prices. For instance, Monogram's 36-inch Wi-Fi-enabled induction range offers 19 heat levels, two bridging cooktop elements, and smart features. With Monogram's SmartHQ app and smart cookware, users can set precise temperatures and choose cooking methods for automatic temperature adjustment.


5. Air Frying Function

At the show, numerous microwaves and ovens with various cooking options were presented, and air fry was one of them. This function is based on the principle of convection ovens, where fans circulate heat for a crispy result without extra fat. Some full-size ovens now feature built-in air fry functions, reducing the need for separate countertop appliances. For instance, Whirlpool's new 30-inch electric range and KitchenAid's new four-element induction slide-in convection range come with air-fry mode and an included dishwasher-safe air-fry basket.


6. Tailored Cleaning Appliances

Dishwashers often prioritize design innovation, in contrast to refrigerators and ovens. This is evident in the latest JennAir models, which are so quiet and seamlessly integrated into cabinetry that their cycle status is projected digitally on the floor.

Inside these dishwashers, flexibility, customization, enlarged third racks, and targeted sprays are key features. For instance, the stainless steel interior of the new Café CustomFit smart dishwasher includes an adjustable caddy for lids in the upper rack and a redesigned cutlery basket that prevents slipping of reusable straws. The customizable third rack also features a power-washing zone.


7. Beverage Coolers

In recent years, undercounter and column wine and beverage fridges have surged in popularity, leading manufacturers to expand their size ranges and features. Like standard refrigerators, many beverage fridges offer multiple, adjustable temperature zones, along with wooden racks and anti-vibration technology to protect drinks. Some designs even include areas for displaying fine wines.

To fulfill this demand, ZLINE has launched its new Touchstone line of beverage refrigerators and wine coolers. These units can be customized with panels to match surrounding cabinets and available in a variety of door and handle finishes, making them suited for both indoor and outdoor use.


8. Adjustable Multi-Zone Refrigerator

Different foods need specific temperature and humidity conditions for optimal storage. Modern refrigerators address this by providing multiple adjustable zones. GE's Energy Star quad-door model, for instance, allows the bottom right compartment to switch between -6 to 5°F for extra freezer space, 34 to 40°F for fresh food, or 41 to 43°F for wine chilling. It also features a humidity-controlled area for longer-lasting greens.

LG's four-door standard-depth MAX offers a "full-convert" drawer that switches from refrigeration to freezing. This model also boasts LED lighting and an auto-refilling pitcher within its sleek design.


9.  Compact Designs with Streamlined Built-In Aesthetics

Numerous latest and most trending appliances from leading manufacturers showcased built-in designs that were entirely flush with the cabinetry. Refrigerators and freezers were organized in uniform columns, while coordinating ovens and other wall units were installed as neat rows or stacks of identical rectangles. This resulted in a cohesive appearance, featuring a transitional or contemporary European style.

The new Viking RVL collection, which won the Best of KBIS Silver award for Style Statement: Kitchen this year, exemplified this trend. While substantial, impressive ranges were present at the show, a more prominent trend was the abundance of appliances designed for smaller spaces, such as backyard accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and urban condos. Despite their compact size, these appliances retained the sophistication and sleekness of their standard-size equivalents.


10. Expressed differently: Dark Matte Surfaces and Bold Color Accents

Contemporary-style appliances traditionally feature a glossy black finish, but matte black and matte dark gray have emerged as alternatives over the past couple of years. High-end manufacturers, such as Bertazzoni, have introduced full suites of appliances in these edgy finishes. 

Miele also introduced a new matte black, named Obsidian, for its ArtLine design line. These handleless, glass-fronted appliances boast a velvety finish and integrated displays, and will be available this spring.

Vibrant, colorful retro-style and traditional appliances contrasted with the minimalist designs at the show. Among these, Smeg's blue-and-white fridge and True Residential's pearlescent pink metallic Champagne stand out as cheerful examples. While blue and green were the most prevalent color choices, other shades like lemon, orange, and berry were also represented.


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